Mindset Makeover is What You Need

Mindset Makeover

If Life Isn’t Working Out Like You Planned, You Need This … Mindset makeover. Yep, that’s what you need.  With just a little bit of thought and being honest with yourself, you’ll come to the conclusion that a powerful, serving mindset makes everything else work better – including life! A mindset makeover is the single…

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What is Mindset – Why Attitude is Not Mindset


Mindset is Comprised of Multiple Ingredients Such as Attitude Mindset is an absolutely essential element of success in any endeavor in life.  In fact, one could argue that mindset is the foundation of success in any endeavor in life. But something as essential and powerful as a personal, focused mindset is often misunderstood.  Do you…

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Own Your Life Live Your Vision

own your life

If You Want to Live It, Own It… Own your life!  This is not some fanciful dream – it’s an essential action on your behalf and a daily focus.  If others own your life in any make, shape, way, or form, you need to question how and why that is happening. Begin with these simple…

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Know Like Trust is to Succeed

Trust Me, You’ll Succeed If you can say to your customer “trust me, you’ll succeed,” and you know with 100% certainty that they will succeed, congratulations!  You’ve gotten 20% of the result.  The other 80% is in their control and their control only.  Unless they possess a mindset of Know Like Trust relative to you and…

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Affirmations in Engagement and Buying Decisions


I Can See the Future and It Is I “Affirmation” is the 8th of the 9 Influential Variables in Engagement and Buying Decisions.  This variable follows Call to Action, and for a very good reason.  Affirmations are, at the basic level, a tool with which to reprogram or suppress non-serving beliefs with those that serve you.…

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