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Creating Relationship Abundance|Part 5

Creating Relationship AbundanceCreating Relationship Abundance | Part 5 of 5

Social marketing is a term that refers to the application of value-added marketing to creating relationship abundance in an online community or marketplace.  “Social” can be viewed as developing relationships, and “marketing” can be understood to mean adding value that helps the market solve problems or fulfill their wants and needs.  Together, “Social Marketing” describes a business practice whereby you add value to individuals in the marketplace that is useful to them, and is so doing you are creating relationship abundance.

The video below is the last in the 5 part series, and discusses social marketing, attraction marketing, and some resources that can help you fast track to success.

YOU Are the Product

The very nature of social marketing is that the individual matters, and matters a lot.  The online marketing world is not impersonal, sterile, and detached.  It is anything but that.  Online communities have adapted to creating relationships based around online profiles and presence.  In the end YOU are the product they see the most, and the one that they come to Know, Like, and Trust (KLT).Creating Relationship Abundance

Creating relationship abundance begins with you.  When YOU are the product, then there is no competition because there is but one YOU.  If you embrace that concept, then you will come to realize that your online profile is very important.

Value is Both Perceived and Real

When you first enter the online marketing world the value you have to offer may be perceived, but make no mistake, perceptions become reality.  The more positive and beneficial your perceived value, the more real it will become.  Eventually you develop KLT with your market, and perception is replaced with reality.  This can and does happen very quickly.

For this reason, you must take care that your online profile reflects exactly who it is you want your market to see.  It must also be congruent with who it is that you see yourself becoming in the entrepreneurial journey.

Creating relationship abundance that creates business success is tied directly to the value you deliver to the marketplace, and that is tied directly to your profile as someone your market can know, like, and trust.

Value Bank

In essence the value you deliver to the marketplace is like a bank account.  With each act of value you accumulate a balance with your market.  It’s a kind of good will.  When the time comes that you ask your market to take an action, then a significant fraction of your value bank account will be drawn, but your market will be willing to do so because of the value you have provided.  This is creating relationship abundance.  If you draw on that account too many times, you will overdraw, and it will take a long time to build it back up again.  This is one of the reasons for the 10/4/1 or 10/3/2 posting strategies on social media.

Video | Social Marketing and Creating Relationship Abundance: Part 5 of 5 in the Series

Creating relationship abundance is the new paradigm in online business success.  Cutting through the clutter of information abundance and the attention scarcity that it has created is a key objective of the online entrepreneur.  As it turns out, it’s not so difficult if you understand the environment in which you are engaged.

Here are three very important and effective resources you should check out.  They will provide you with a plethora of information that you can use to accelerate your business success.  Just click on the titles below and you’ll be taken directly to the information page where you can learn about these essential resources.  There is a cost associated with these, but it is really quite trivial when you consider the amount of actionable value you receive.  If you’re serious about your business, these resources are a must have for you.

Attraction Marketing Formula

What’s Working Now

Elite Marketing Pro


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