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Six Human Needs as an Entrepreneur

Six human needs

Six human needsSix Human Needs as an Entrepreneur

Audio | Considering the Six Basic Human Needs as an Entrepreneur

The six human needs are foundational in human existence.  We all have these needs to one degree or another.  If you understand them, and the significance they hold, you can create greater empathy and understanding with your target market.  As an entrepreneur you hold the ability to bring impact and change to the world.  Viewing the six human needs in the context of how to apply them to maximize that impact and change is a compelling entrepreneurial mission.

A Review of the Six Human Needs and How to Apply Them as an Entrepreneur

Six human needs

The six human needs are useful when defining a market avatar.  Avatars are models of the ideal customer, client, prospect, etc., you seek to engage.  The following is an excerpt from an insightful and beneficial book you can get for free: Creating Your Market Avatar.  Just click the image below and it will be sent to your email inbox.Avatar Creation

The Six Human Needs are Foundational

Humans have basic needs that take priority in life, whether conscious or subconscious, and which contribute to the formation of values and beliefs.

These six human needs, while common among all humans, vary depending on the individual.  Since by definition every individual is different from another, there are potentially over 7.3 billion differences.  Understanding the six basic human needs gives you the framework with which to understand how these needs manifest and influence what a person values.

When you study each of these six human needs, look inside of yourself first to form a picture of how that need manifests within you, and how you would fulfill that need.  Next, move outside yourself to the people you seek to engage as customers, clients, or perhaps team members.

Six Human Needs No. 1: Certainty

We live in a world of uncertainty where our basic human need for certainty is being increasingly challenged. 

Here are five common areas of life where people value more certainty:

    • Health (physical, emotional, and mental)
    • Relationships of significance
    • Financial (occupation, job, retirement,etc.)
    • Spiritual
    • Quality of Life

Here’s an observation you may find interesting and useful: the more technology pervades our lives, the more information we have available to us, and the more choices and options we have, the more important it is to mitigate or reduce uncertainty in our lives.

People seek certainly in their lives, but often not as a primary focus, but rather a byproduct of other actions.  Uncertainty creates a range of emotions: worry, fear, apprehension, and can hold you in a place you really don’t want to be.  The more certainty you have in your life, the more confident you are about your future and the possibilities that life offers.

Your role as an entrepreneur is to find ways to reduce or even eliminate uncertainty in the lives of your customers.

Six Human Needs No. 2: Change

Change is the fundamental need of humans to have new and difference experiences, to have variety, choice, and options in their lives.  It is the ability to alter their situation and circumstances.

Ultimately, though, change is about choice and options in life.  When people cannot affect change in their lives, they feel trapped, confined, and desperate.  The absence of change can bring dissatisfaction in multiple areas of life.

Your mission is to provide the means for positive and beneficial change in some area of your customer’s life.

Six Human Needs No. 3: Significance

Significance is knowing you have a sense of value to yourself and others, that you matter to others.  It is knowing you’re appreciated, accepted, and loved for who you are  It’s knowing you’re admired and respected for the unique qualities, talents, and gifts you possess.

Making people feel significant is one of the easiest acts to accomplish.  Simply seeing and acknowledging the uniqueness and value in another person is all it takes.

You do a great service to your customer by impressing upon them their significance and reaching out to them as a person of value to you.

Six Human Needs No. 4: Connection

Connection covers the spectrum from love to casual association.  It’s our fundamental need to “connect” or associate with other humans.  In the modern paradigm of social media, connection is one of the needs fulfilled by this technology.

People want to connect for a variety of reasons, such as having common interests, beliefs, and values, seeking companionships, and for fun and enjoyment.

Connection can be physical, emotional, or psychological.  It can be analog (person to person) or digital (device-to-device).  It’s whatever fulfills the need to connect with one or more other humans.

As a business person you must create and nurture relationships with your customers, and connect with them is a way that adds value to their lives.

Six Human Needs No. 5: Growth

Growth can be best described as moving forward in one or more areas of life in a meaningful way.  Growth results in more personal fulfillment or value, achieving goals and aspirations, learning and achieving, and becoming more of the person one desires to be.

Growth and change go hand in hand, but they are not the same.  Change can be confused with growth.  When one grows in an area of their life, that results in change.  Change alone, though, can be a lateral movement in some area of life that doesn’t produce growth.

Your entrepreneurial mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of others by facilitating or contributing to their growth.

Six Human Needs No. 6: Contribution

Contribution is about fulfillment of your fundamental need to be of value in service to others.  Examples are to be accepted by the whole, to help others, to lead, to be acknowledged as being of service to others, to leave a legacy, or to be part of something larger than yourself.

Contribution and significance are complimentary needs.  When you are acknowledged for the contribution of valued your personal resources, in whatever form they take, you achieve a feeling of significance.  The difference is that “contribution” is more outwardly and other-focused, whereas “significance” is more inwardly and self-focused.

It is your responsibility as an entrepreneur and business person to educate your customer how your product can help them contribute in some positive way to the lives of others.  In so doing, you multiply and amplify your value.

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